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Space 101: Nail Wraps That Capture The Night Sky

by Rebecca Fox September 09, 2023

Space 101: Nail Wraps That Capture The Night Sky

Interstellar, Gravity, The Martian, Ad Astra, Apollo 13, Star Wars. They’re one of the best space movies of all time. How they capture the night sky and movements around space is stunning at best. The amazing screenplay and movie score just gives you outer space vibes that are just far beyond epic and unknown. Are you ready to dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds and elegance meets innovation? Let us introduce you to our mesmerizing nail wrap designs that do so much more than just make your nails look stunning – they're here to teach you a thing or two about the infinite beauty that surrounds us every day!

Imagine this: your fingertips adorned with intricate designs, vibrant colors, and patterns that could give the night sky a run for its money. But here's the magical twist – each nail wrap holds a hidden secret, a gateway to discovering the boundless beauty of the universe.

Just like the stars that twinkle in the night, our nail wrap designs tell a story of cosmic wonder. From the radiant swirls reminiscent of distant galaxies to the delicate lines that mimic the paths of shooting stars, each design is a gentle reminder that beauty can be found everywhere, even at your fingertips.

But it doesn't stop there! As you gaze at your uniquely adorned nails, you'll find yourself drawn into the mesmerizing world of learning. Ever wondered about the constellations that have guided sailors for centuries? Our nail wraps might just give you a crash course in spotting Orion's belt or the Big Dipper. And hey, why not discover the science behind colors as you sport shades that mirror the temperatures of stars?

We believe that beauty should be an experience that enlightens, enriches, and empowers. So, as you flaunt our gorgeous nail wraps, you're not just flaunting a fashion statement – you're carrying a piece of the universe with you, a mini-lesson in the artistry of our cosmos.

Join us on this cosmic journey of style and knowledge. Let your nails be the canvas where creativity meets education, where elegance meets the expanse of space. Because just like the universe, our nail wrap designs are a reminder that beauty is infinite, and learning can be as effortless as rocking a stunning look.

Are you ready to wear the universe on your fingertips? Embrace the beauty, ignite your curiosity, and let your nails be the dazzling doorway to something infinitely beautiful!

Phenomena: Space Elements Transformed into Nail Wraps

Planetary Pallette and Some Fun Facts

Loop Space GIF By Xponentialdesign on GIPHY

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the universe by adorning your nails with exquisite nail wraps inspired by the enchanting planets. Each planet in our solar system carries its own unique charm and personality, and now you can wear these cosmic wonders right at your fingertips. From the bold reds of Mars to the mesmerizing blues of Neptune, planet-themed nail wraps offer a creative way to express your fascination with space while adding a touch of celestial elegance to your look.

One of the captivating trends has emerged that allows us nail enthusiasts to wear the universe at our own fingertips. Planet-themed manicure is an enchanting fusion of cosmic wonder and artistic expression. This trend allows us to adorn our nails with the beauty of distant planets and the galaxy around us. 

More than just a simple beauty trend, planet-themed manicures can take a romantic turn and give us a canvas to express our romantic feelings towards one another. It gives us a tangible way to express romantic feelings through the artistry of nail design.

A great example of cosmic melodies is Coldplay and BTS' collaboration, "My Universe". 

Clip from My Universe music video by Coldplay and BTS

BTS Coldplay My Universe Coldplay X BTS GIF

Chris Martin talked about it in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1's New Music Daily - “It's a song about love [being] difficult, or it's forbidden, or you can't quite get it together.” 

In a metaphorical sense, referring to another person as 'your world' or your universe' implies how a person takes a special place in your life and your heart. 

Whether you're trying to be a hopeless romantic or simply want to showcase your affinity for the world we're living in, planet-themed nail wraps will give you that elegant and sophisticated look, captivating the allure of celestial bodies, reminding you of the universe's beauty and majesty. 

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Mars: A Planet of Extremes 

Mars boasts both the tallest volcano and the deepest canyon in our solar system. Olympus Mons, its tallest volcano, is about three times the height of Mount Everest, while Valles Marineris, a massive canyon system, stretches over 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometers) long.

Get The Look: Life on Mars

Mercury's Wild Temperature Swings 

Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, experiences extreme temperature variations. During its daytime, its surface can reach scorching temperatures of around 800 degrees Fahrenheit (427 degrees Celsius), while at night, it plummets to a bone-chilling -290 degrees Fahrenheit (-179 degrees Celsius) due to its lack of atmosphere to retain heat.

Get the Look: Mercury Rising

Uranus: The Sideways Planet 

Uranus is quite unique in our solar system. Unlike most planets that rotate on their axes in an upright manner, Uranus rotates almost completely on its side, earning it the nickname "the sideways planet." This unusual tilt is believed to have been caused by a collision with a large celestial object early in its history.

Gas Giant Space GIF on GIPHY

Mesmerizing Galaxy Designs and Some Fun Facts

Space Science Tech GIF By European Space Agency - ESA on GIPHY

Galaxies are immense systems of stars, planets, gasses, and cosmic wonders that paint the backdrop of our universe. Each galaxy is a symphony of light and color, a masterpiece of celestial art that can now be brought to life on your nails. 

Spiral galaxies are known for their spiral arms that wind outward from a bright central core. Nail wraps featuring the captivating swirls and radiant hues of spiral galaxies bring a touch of dynamic motion to your fingertips. 

On the other end of the spectrum are elliptical galaxies, which exude a sense of elegance and simplicity. Their soft glow and smooth contours inspire nail wrap designs that embody grace and subtlety. Adorn your nails with the graceful colors and gentle curves of elliptical galaxies, and let your fingertips become a canvas for celestial sophistication.

Get The Look: From Another Galaxy

Get Notfied: Galaxy Blues

Get Notfied: Rainbow Galaxy, Blackberry Burst

The Milky Way Home 

Our solar system resides within a barred spiral galaxy known as the Milky Way. We're situated about two-thirds of the way out from the center.

Star-Lord scene from Guardians of the Galaxy
Chris Pratt GIF on GIPHY

Supermassive Black Holes 

Many galaxies, including our own Milky Way, harbor supermassive black holes at their centers. These black holes can have masses millions to billions of times that of our Sun.

Supermassive Black hole by BBC on GIPHY

Galactic Traveler 

The Andromeda Galaxy is our nearest galactic neighbor, located about 2.5 million light-years away. It's on a collision course with the Milky Way and is expected to merge with our galaxy in about 4.5 billion years.

Get Notified: Andromeda

Solar Elegance: Nail Wraps That Warm You Up

Matisse And Sadko Sun GIF By Tiësto on GIPHY

Step into the heart of our solar system with nail wraps that pay homage to the mighty Sun. The Sun, a brilliant ball of fiery gasses, provides the life-giving energy that sustains our planet and the entire solar system. With nail wraps inspired by the Sun, you can adorn your nails with the vibrant energy that has captivated humanity for centuries. 

Nail wraps featuring these dynamic solar events capture the Sun's ever-changing nature, infusing your nails with cosmic energy. The Sun's radiance becomes an extension of your personal style, reminding you of the immense celestial force that shapes our days and nights. From its golden aura to the captivating interplay of light and shadow, the Sun-inspired nail wraps are a testament to the profound connection we share with our solar star.

Get Notified: Dark Ritual

One popular Sun ritual is the practice of Sun Salutations, often referred to as "Surya Namaskar" in yoga. This ritual is a sequence of flowing yoga poses performed in a specific order, usually done early in the morning as the Sun rises. Sun Salutations are not only a physical exercise but also a way to honor the Sun's energy and its significance in our lives. Each pose in the sequence is synchronized with the breath, creating a harmonious flow that invigorates the body, calms the mind, and connects practitioners to the Sun's life-giving force. This ritual is not only a physical workout but also a way to cultivate mindfulness and gratitude for the energy and light that the Sun provides.

How Do Auroras Form?

Northern Lights Colors GIF By BBC America

Auroras form when colorful lights show up in the night sky. It's like a special space light show! Here's how it happens:

The Sun sends out invisible stuff called "solar wind." When this wind reaches Earth, it meets the air up high in the sky. They give each other a little push and start to glow like a glow stick at a party. This glowing air creates beautiful colors in the sky, like green, pink, and purple. That's the Aurora, and it's like the Earth and the Sun are having a magical light dance together! 🥰

Get The look: Let’s Get Mystical, Aurora Nights

Solar Storm

Get The Look: Solar Storm

The Sun's surface is like a giant cauldron of bubbling energy. Every now and then, this energy gets all worked up and starts doing a sensational shimmy, creating what we call a solar storm. It's like the Sun's way of showing off its moves!

Now, these solar storms are a bit like sending out a spacey text message to all the planets and even our own Earth. This message comes in the form of super-fast particles and crazy-strong magnetic fields. When these particles and fields reach Earth, they can cause quite the spectacle!

But, hold on tight, because just like any good party, there can be a bit of chaos. These storms might also mess around with communication signals, power grids, and even those GPS thingamajigs. But don't worry, scientists are like the party planners of space – they're always studying solar storms to help us stay safe and be prepared.

So, next time you're gazing up at the stars and wondering what's happening in the cosmos, remember that our Sun is throwing a solar storm shindig. It's like a dazzling light show with a hint of space mischief, keeping our universe as exciting as a celestial dance floor! 

Moonlit Magic

Image by kjpargeter on Freepik

Just as the Moon gracefully shifts through its phases, from the new moon to the full moon and back again, your nails can now reflect this celestial ballet.The Moon has captivated human imagination for centuries, casting its silvery glow upon the night sky and inspiring countless tales of wonder. Nail wraps capturing the various lunar phases create a captivating visual journey, allowing you to showcase the Moon's ever-changing face. 

With nail wraps inspired by the Moon, you can adorn your fingertips with its tranquil beauty and infuse a touch of cosmic elegance into your style. Let your nails tell the story of the Moon's timeless dance, and embrace the serene magic it brings to our night skies.

Get The Look or Get Notified: Celestial Being, Beautiful Nights


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Phases of the Moon

Full Moon Gif by NASA on GIPHY

Imagine the Moon as a big, round flashlight in the sky. The phases of the Moon are like the different shapes the light from that flashlight makes as it shines on Earth.

New Moon: At the start, the flashlight is turned off, and the Moon looks completely dark because the side facing us doesn't get any sunlight.

Waxing Crescent: A tiny sliver of light appears, like the Moon is starting to smile. This happens because a little bit of sunlight is reaching the side we can see.

First Quarter (Half Moon): The light gets bigger, and now it looks like half of the Moon is glowing. It's like the Moon is showing us half of its face.

Waxing Gibbous: More of the Moon is lit up, but it's still not completely round. It's getting brighter because more of the sunny side is coming into view.

Full Moon: Now the flashlight is super bright, and the entire Moon looks like a big circle in the sky. It's as if the Moon is saying, "Hello, I'm all lit up!"

Waning Gibbous: The flashlight starts to get a bit dimmer as the lit part gets smaller. The Moon is slowly going back to being less bright.

Last Quarter (Half Moon): Just like before, half of the Moon is lit up, but this time it's the other half that we can see.

Waning Crescent: The last sliver of light is disappearing, and the Moon looks like it's frowning. It's becoming darker again as less of the sunny side is visible.

And then, it goes back to the New Moon phase, and the whole cycle starts over again! The changing shapes of the Moon are because of how the Moon moves around the Earth and how the Sun's light hits it from different angles.

Get The Look: It’s Just A Phase

Stellar Radiance

Shooting Star Night GIF By City of The Sun on GIPHY

Star-themed nails give us a miniature canvas of endless possibilities. Featuring intricate designs of stars, constellations, and nebulae, these wraps transport the universe's brilliance right to your fingernails. The way it mirrors the night sky with its meticulous details, captivating the heart of the wearer and those around us. 

The charm of star-themed manicures goes beyond its aesthetic appeal. These nail wraps often give a touch of romanticism that resonates deeply with the person wearing them. The symbolism of stars has been intertwined with love, making these wraps an emblem of affection and desire. 

An example of a heartfelt declaration of love through cosmic gesture is naming stars after loved ones. People have found a unique and romantic way to honor those dear to them by giving them a star's name. 

A Walk To Remember scene by filmedits on Tumblr

A Walk To Remember scene by filmed its on Tumblr

Whether you're expressing your love through your nail wraps or simply enchanted by its celestial beauty, we have nail wraps that would let your nails shine like the beautiful stars in the vast night sky. 

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How Stars are Formed

Get Notified: A Star Is Born

Cosmic Waves

Stars are born from huge clouds of gas and dust floating in space. These clouds are like cosmic nurseries where new stars are made.

First, something triggers the cloud to start squeezing together because of gravity. Imagine squeezing a fluffy pillow until it becomes smaller and tighter. When the cloud gets squeezed, it gets really hot at the center. It becomes so hot that it starts to glow and shine. This is the birth of a star! The glowing and shining is caused by a special kind of fire inside the cloud, where tiny pieces of gas come together and make lots of heat and light. This is called nuclear fusion, and it's what makes stars bright and beautiful. Once the star is born, it starts shining in the sky and can live for a very long time, giving off light and heat for all of us to see and feel.

The Color of Stars

The Color of The Stars from Hottest to Coldest on

Imagine galaxies as huge families of stars, kind of like neighborhoods of twinkling lights in the night sky. Now, just like people, stars can have different colors that tell us something cool about them. These colors are like temperature tags for stars.

Blue Stars: Think of these as the "super hot" stars. They're like the fiery, sizzling ones in the family. Blue stars are really, really hot, much hotter than a summer day! They're like stellar firecrackers, shining super bright. When you see a galaxy with lots of blue stars, you're looking at a place with lots of energy and excitement.

Bluish White Stars: These stars are like the comfortable warm blankets of the family. They're not as scorching as the blue stars, but they're still quite toasty. White stars emit a nice, cozy light that's not too flashy, but not too chilly either.

Yellow Stars: Ah, these stars are like the friendly, familiar ones in the family. Our very own Sun is a yellow star! They give off a warm, golden glow that's just right for things like giving us daylight and making plants grow. Yellow stars are like dependable friends who are always there for you.

Orange Stars: Picture these stars as the cozy campfires of the galaxy. They're not as hot as yellow stars, but they're still pretty warm. Orange stars have a nice, soothing light that can make you feel all comfy and relaxed.

Red Stars: These stars are like the gentle, mellow members of the family. They're not very hot compared to the others, but they're still shining softly. Red stars give off a calm, subtle light, almost like a nightlight in the dark.

So, when you look at a galaxy and see different colors of stars, you're basically seeing a rainbow of temperatures! It's like a big cosmic family where everyone has their unique personality and warmth. Isn't it amazing how the colors of this wrap can tell us so much about the stars in our universe? 

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars Love GIF

Shooting stars are like the stars that want to surprise us with a quick "ta-da!" They zoom across the darkness, leaving a trail of sparkling magic behind them. 

But here's the fun part: shooting stars aren't really stars at all! They're actually tiny bits of dust and rock from space that decide to take a super speedy ride through our atmosphere. As they whiz through, they get so heated up that they glow brilliantly, like mini fireballs putting on a dazzling performance. So, the next time you spot a shooting star, make a wish and enjoy the show from the universe's own pyrotechnics crew!

Get The Look: Falling For A Shooting Star


Get Notified: Supernova

Picture a star that's been twinkling in the night sky for billions of years, throwing its cosmic light party. But then, one day, it decides to go out with the biggest, brightest bang ever – and that's a supernova! It's like a star's grand finale fireworks show but way more spectacular.

When a star gets super old and runs out of fuel, it's like it's throwing a tantrum in space. It collapses in on itself, and then suddenly BOOM! It explodes in a burst of energy that's brighter than a zillion stars combined. It's so intense that, for a while, that one star shines as bright as a whole galaxy. Imagine a celestial glitter cannon firing off, scattering star stuff everywhere.

Supernovae aren't just about flashy lights – they're cosmic recycling events. They spread out all sorts of cool elements into space, like the glitter and confetti after a big party. Those elements then mix and mingle, becoming the stuff that makes up planets, moons, and even us! So, next time you're gazing at the night sky, remember that the stars might be planning their own dazzling surprise party in the universe someday! 


Get The Look: Watercolor Nebula

A nebula is a vast cloud of gas and dust that floats in space. Nebulas come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and they can be found throughout our galaxy and beyond.

Nebulas can be nurseries where new stars are born. The gas and dust in a nebula can come together because of gravity, forming clumps that eventually become stars. Other nebulas are the remnants of old stars that have exploded in massive bursts called supernovae. These explosions scatter the elements from the star's core into space, creating beautiful clouds of colorful gasses. When light from nearby stars or other sources shines on these gases, they glow and create stunning, often mesmerizing, celestial scenes.

Nebulas are like cosmic art galleries, showcasing the incredible beauty and diversity of the universe. They capture the imagination of astronomers and space enthusiasts as they reveal the intricate processes that shape the cosmos.

Connected by Stars 

Colors Shining GIF By ESA/Hubble Space Telescope on GIPHY

Stars Glistening, Hubble Telescope. Indulge in the captivating allure of the celestial patterns that have guided explorers, dreamers, and stargazers for generations. With Constellation Nail Wraps, you don't just wear a design; you carry a piece of the universe's grand narrative with you. 

Each nail wrap is a tribute to the timeless tales that humans have woven among the constellations. Whether it's the mighty hunter Orion or the graceful swan Cygnus, these wraps bring the brilliance of the night sky to your nails, giving you a unique way to express your connection to the cosmos.

Introducing Constellation Nail Wraps – a blend of celestial wonder and personalized style that allows you to wear the stories of the stars on your fingertips.

Get The Look or Get Notified: Simply Stellar, Let’s Get Lost Together


Get The Look or Get Notified: When Stars Align, Diamonds In the Sky

Customer Galaxy: Nail Wraps That Capture The Night Sky     

Good Night Star Sticker By Happy Seoul Project on GIPHY

Photo Submissions:

We love it when our customers go out of their way to share some of their stunning mani’s online. It’s always a thrill to see their creativity and how lovely the wraps look on their hands! Here are some fun ideas and gorgeous photos from our customers! Truly out of this world! ✨

Photo Credit: Andrea I. from Facebook
Space Magic

 Photo Credit: Mai H. from Facebook
 Galaxia (Holo), Disco Ball

Photo Credit: Rhonda S. From Facebook
From Another Galaxy


Photo Credit: Cassandra R. from Facebook
Galaxia (Holo)


Photo Credit: Delandra C. from Facebook
Lost in Space

Star Reviews on GIPHY

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Stargazing gif on GIPHY

As we journey to the final frontier of our space and galaxy-themed nail wrap adventure, we find ourselves in awe of the grandeur that surrounds us. The cosmic tapestry we've explored through our nail wraps serves as a reminder that the universe is vast and endlessly captivating. Just as we've adorned our nails with the celestial wonders above, we're reminded that our world is a mere speck in the infinite expanse of the cosmos.

For those who can hear the whispers of the stars, let our wraps be a constant companion, a wearable reminder that we are part of a greater cosmic dance. As we go about our daily lives, we can look down at our fingertips and catch a glimpse of the universe's boundless beauty. The constellations, nebulae, and galaxies we've translated onto our nails are a testament to the enchantment that exists beyond our Earthly confines.

So, as we conclude our cosmic journey, let us remember that the universe is our canvas, waiting to be explored and celebrated. Each time you glance at your adorned nails, allow them to spark a sense of wonder and curiosity. As we gaze upon the stars above, let our wraps remind us that we are a small part of a much larger tapestry, and that beyond our planet's boundaries, an even more incredible adventure awaits. We can guarantee you, it's better up there. ✨

Rebecca Fox
Rebecca Fox


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