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Playful Nails, Happy Hearts: Safe Nail Wraps for Kids and Kids at Heart

by Rebecca Fox August 10, 2023

Playful Nails, Happy Hearts: Safe Nail Wraps for Kids and Kids at Heart

Image by lookstudio on Freepik

Nail wraps have been gaining tremendous popularity as a fun and stylish way to express creativity and individuality through nail art. In this blog, we'll delve into the significance of ensuring safety while using nail wraps, particularly when it comes to our little ones. We'll explore tips and tricks to make nail wrap application safe and enjoyable for kids, ensuring that their playful spirit can shine through without any worries.

Additionally, we'll celebrate the endless possibilities of creativity that nail wraps bring to the table, not only for kids but also for the young-at-heart adults. Nail wraps offer a canvas for self-expression, allowing imaginations to run wild and personalities to shine through intricate and captivating designs.

As we embark on this exciting journey of nail wrap art, it is essential to remember two key factors: safety and creativity. Ensuring the safety of our little ones' precious nails is paramount, and it goes hand in hand with fostering their imagination and artistic flair. 

Join us as we uncover the magical combination of safety and creativity in the world of nail wraps. Let's embark on this colorful journey where beauty, fun, and well-being intertwine to create a memorable nail art experience for all ages!

Choosing child-safe and non-toxic nail wrap brands

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When selecting nail wraps for kids, always opt for reputable, child-safe brands like Lily and 🦊. We prioritize using non-toxic materials, ensuring the wraps are free from harmful chemicals and safe for young nails.

Our commitment to providing the best for our customers drives us to ensure that all of our ingredients are 100% vegan, 10-free, and non-toxic. With our vegan nail wraps, you can rest assured that no animal-derived ingredients are used in manufacturing, making them a cruelty-free and ethical choice. Moreover, being 10-free means that our nail wraps are free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and more, making them gentle on nails and skin. We believe in delivering nail wraps that create stunning designs and promote a healthier nail art experience for everyone. At Lily and Fox, we take pride in offering nail wraps that prioritize both style and safety.

Reading ingredient labels for potential allergens

Image by Freepik

The safety of parents and kids is paramount when it comes to nail wraps. Before using any nail wrap on yourself or your little ones, taking a moment to read the ingredient list can make a significant difference. 

Paying attention to potential allergens that might be present in the nail wrap formula is crucial, especially for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Checking for common allergens like latex, specific chemicals, or certain resins can help avoid any adverse reactions and ensure a worry-free application. 

For parents introducing nail wraps to their children, conducting a patch test beforehand can offer an added layer of assurance. Remember, a little precaution goes a long way in creating a delightful and safe nail wrap experience for everyone.

Parental supervision during application and removal

To make the nail wrap experience safe and enjoyable, adult supervision is crucial. Parents can offer gentle guidance during application and take charge of removing the wraps when needed, ensuring the process is smooth and risk-free.

To ensure that nail wraps are used by kids safely, parents can take several precautions and implement best practices:

  • Supervise application and removal: Always be present when your child is applying or removing the nail wraps. Offer guidance and assistance to ensure they do it safely and correctly. Be vigilant during and after the application to gently remind your child to avoid touching their mouth. If you notice your child struggling to keep their fingers away from their mouth, consider removing the nail wraps until they are ready to avoid the urge.
  • Encourage handwashing: Remind your child to wash their hands before applying the nail wraps to ensure their nails are clean and free from oils or dirt.
  • Avoid cutting or filing the wraps: Advise your child not to cut or file the nail wraps, as this could damage their nails or cause the wraps to lift prematurely. Also, children should not handle any sharp tools that could potentially harm them during the application. This includes scissors, nail clippers, or any other sharp objects that may be used to trim or adjust the nail wraps. Instead, it's best for an adult or a responsible caregiver to take charge of these tasks. Parents or guardians can take on the role of applying the nail wraps while ensuring that the child feels involved and engaged throughout the process. Children can participate in selecting their favorite designs, helping with the positioning of the wraps, or even holding the wraps while an adult trims them to fit their nails.
  • Limit wear time: Remove the nail wraps after a reasonable amount of time (typically 1-2 weeks) to give their nails a break and allow them to breathe.
  • Teach proper nail care: Teach your child proper nail care practices, such as trimming and moisturizing their nails to promote healthy nails.
  • Educate on removal techniques: Show your child how to remove the nail wraps gently without damaging their nails.

Here are two gentle and kid-friendly methods:

Warm Water with Lemon: This method involves soaking the nails in warm water with lemon juice. Lemon juice has natural properties that can help soften the adhesive on the nail wraps, making them easier to remove. Simply fill a small bowl with warm water, add a few drops of fresh lemon juice, and let your child soak their nails for a few minutes. After soaking, the nail wraps should become more pliable, making it easier to gently peel them off.

Warm Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a gentle and nourishing option for removing nail wraps. It helps break down the adhesive while moisturizing the nails and cuticles. Warm a small amount of coconut and put it onto the nail wraps. Let it sit for a few minutes to allow the oil to work its magic. Then, using a gentle touch, peel off the wraps starting from one corner and moving toward the other end.

Both of these methods are milder alternatives compared to harsh nail polish removers that may contain acetone or other chemicals. They are more suitable for children's sensitive skin and nails, ensuring a comfortable and safe removal process.

Preparing Kids' Nails for Nail Wraps

Image by Freepik

A. Proper nail cleaning and trimming techniques

Before applying nail wraps, ensure your child's nails are clean and trimmed to an appropriate length. Lily and Fox offer various sizes to accommodate different nail shapes, ensuring a perfect fit for every little finger. Our pedicure wraps might work best as they come in 26 strips, with the largest wraps being 21mm wide and 27mm long and with the smallest wrap being 8.5 mm wide and 12.85mm long. 

B. Buffing the nail surface gently

Gently buffing the nail surface ensures a smooth base for the nail wraps, allowing them to adhere better and last longer.

C. Tips for a smooth and long-lasting application

Applying a base coat to kids' nails before using nail wraps is a crucial step that offers multiple benefits. The base coat serves as a protective layer between the delicate natural nails and the adhesive of the wraps, ensuring a gentle and safe application. By providing a smooth and even surface, the base coat enhances the longevity and durability of the wraps, making them stay in place for an extended period, even with active kids. 

To achieve a flawless finish, gently warm the nail wraps with a hairdryer before application. Press the wraps firmly onto the nails and file off the excess in a downward motion for a professional look that will withstand kids' active play.

Safety should always be a priority, and by following the guidelines mentioned above, kids and adults alike can enjoy the magic of nail wraps without any worries.

Kid-Approved Nail Wrap Designs

Encouraging kids' creativity and individuality with nail wraps can be an excellent way to nurture their self-expression and artistic abilities. Nail wraps offer various colors, patterns, and designs, allowing children to choose styles that resonate with their unique personalities and preferences. By involving kids in the process of selecting and applying the wraps, they gain a sense of ownership and pride in their nail creations.

This creative outlet not only enhances their fine motor skills but also fosters their imagination as they experiment with different combinations and come up with their own nail art ideas. 

Choosing age-appropriate and fun patterns for kids

We are thrilled to present a captivating collection of nail wraps specially curated for our little customers. With their boundless creativity and playful spirits in mind, we've crafted a range of age-appropriate and fun patterns that are sure to bring joy to every child's nail adventure. From adorable animals to whimsical shapes and magical themes, our designs are carefully selected to captivate their imaginations and make nail time an exciting and delightful experience. 

Back To School Themed: Where Education Meets Fashion

Asian collage female woman smiling cheerful joy face expression hand hold notebook tablet with backpack ready to
Image by Lifestylememory on Freepik

As the summer days slowly come to an end, the scent of new notebooks starts to fill the air. It's time to start preparing for the upcoming school year. This always brings about a mix of emotions - excitement, nervousness, and maybe a bit of reluctance. One way to embrace this new chapter in your life is through self-expression. What better way to do that than with stylish back-to-school nails? Add tiny book and pencil stickers for a touch of back-to-school charm.

Teacher’s Pet and Time to Play

We’ve Got Chemistry and Cutie Pi

Too Ghoul For School and Too Ghoul For School (Pedicure)


Unicorn Themed: A Magical Journey for All Ages

Indulge in the enchantment of our unicorn-themed wraps and let your nails become a gateway to a world where dreams come true! Step into a world of pastel hues, iridescent glimmers, and whimsical designs that capture the essence of these majestic creatures. 

A Little Miracle and Believe in Magic

On Point Pony, and I’m a Unicorn!

Dinosaur Themed: A ROARing Adventure for All Ages


Step back in time and unleash the ancient charm of these magnificent creatures on your fingertips. With a roar of excitement, our collection brings to life the majesty of the Jurassic era, from the fierce T-Rex to the gentle triceratops. Let your nails embark on an epic journey as our wraps showcase a mesmerizing blend of vibrant colors and captivating designs inspired by the age of dinosaurs. 

Tree-Rex and Tree-Rex (Pedicure)

Little Foot and Jurassic Art

Sweet Treats Themed: Indulge in the Sweetest Nail Adventure

Image by Freepik

Satisfy your sweet tooth and step into a world of delightful treats with our sweet treats-themed nail wraps! Let your nails become a delightful dessert display, showcasing a feast of sugary delights and tempting treats. Treat yourself to a nail art experience that's as delightful as your favorite desserts, and let your nails become a delightful canvas of sugary magic with our sweet treats-themed wraps!

Candy Thief (Heat Activated)

Cotton Candy Waves

With Sprinkles on Top! and Treat Yo Self

Princess Themed: Step into the Enchanting World of Princess Nails

Image by lookstudio on Freepik

Step into a world of enchantment and royalty with our captivating princess-themed wraps! Prepare to be swept away into a fairy tale world of beauty and grace as our wraps turn your nails into a captivating canvas fit for royalty. Embrace the magic and become the princess you've always dreamed of with our princess-themed wraps!

Princess Dreams and You’re My Queen

Under The Sea Themed: Dive into a Seaside Adventure

Image by jannoon028 on Freepik

Dive into an oceanic wonderland with our captivating under-the-sea-themed wraps! Let your nails become a stunning seascape, showcasing the majesty of marine life and the allure of the ocean's mysteries. Prepare to be immersed in a world of maritime marvels as our wraps turn your nails into a breathtaking canvas of undersea wonders. 

Under The Sea and Ariel’s Ball

Clouds Themed: Float on Cloud Nine with Dreamy Cloud

Step into a world of soft, billowy clouds and endless sky as we bring the charm of the heavens right to your fingertips. Our collection captures the ethereal magic of the skies above, from fluffy cumulus clouds to wisps of cirrus beauty. Let your nails become a canvas of celestial wonders, showcasing the serene beauty of cloud formations and the soothing embrace of the heavens. 

Above the Clouds and Sorbet Sky

Music Themed: Effortless Musical Glam

Image by benzoix on Freepik

Get ready to dance to the rhythm of style with our captivating Music Themed wraps, and let your nails become a symphony of creativity. Whether you're a music lover, a performer, or simply inspired by the magic of melodies, our Music Themed wraps are the perfect accessory to add a touch of musical flair to your style. 

Hard Chord and Get Funky

Emoji-Themed: Express Your Feelings in Style

blonde hair emoji from the emoji movie

Add a touch of fun to your nails, and get ready to express your emotions with our Emoji Themed wraps! Embrace the colorful and playful world of emojis, as this collection brings your favorite emoticons to life on your fingertips. Get ready to take your nail game to the next level - where your nails become an animated conversation of emojis that light up your day! 

Turn That Frown Upside Down and Smiling For You

Polka Dots Themed: Step into the Timeless Charm of Polka Dots

’Woman in polka-dot dress posing with smile. romantic pinup girl laughing on yellow space

 Image by lookstudio on Freepik

Embrace the classic and delightful pattern that never goes out of style. From tiny dots that create a subtle sophistication to bold and colorful spots that make a statement, our wraps capture the versatility of this iconic design. Let your nails become a canvas of whimsy and fun, showcasing the beauty of polka dots in all their retro glory. 

Toffee Pop! and Jitterbug


Customer Stories

Image by Freepik

Welcome to our heartwarming "Customer Stories" section, where we proudly showcase the magical moments when adults and kids come together through the art of nail wraps! At Lily and 🦊, we believe that the simplest things in life can forge the most meaningful connections. Through our delightful collection of nail wraps, we've witnessed countless heartwarming experiences that go far beyond just beautifying nails.

Photo Credit: Cindy from Facebook
“Granddaughter. She kept the previous ones on for 3 weeks, and she is a nail-biter, but her nails grew out and look so nice! She is 10 ” - Cindy from Facebook

Photo Credit: Ama from Facebook
“Mom/daughter mani in Rainbow Snow Cone.” - Ama from Facebook

Photo Credit: Stephanie from Facebook
“My 9yo daughter did my 7yo daughter's nails!” - Stephanie from Facebook

Photo Credit: Natalie from Facebook
“My daughter and me.” - Natalie from Facebook

Photo Credit: Allison from Facebook
Used a left over pedi set on my 5-year-old, and they fit perfect!! She’s so happy to be like Mommy now.
Already asking for more They need to come out with a kids size one! - Allison from Facebook

Photo Credit: Alice from Facebook
When your friend's daughter is always eyeing off your nails. Went to visit today and had my nails done, so took some along to do hers too! She's a bug lover, so the Halloween spider ones worker perfectly (I use the two smallest wraps and cut them to do several nails) and she chose pumpkins for her other hand. My 4 year old also had to have his nails done - Alice from Facebook

Whimsical Nail Wrap Designs for Adults

Photo Credit: JannaLee from Facebook
Cute Easter wrap my daughter picked for me to wear *Chick-tastic* - JannaLee from Facebook

Nail wrap designs for the young at heart are a delightful and playful collection of nail art designs specially curated to ignite the joy and imagination of those who embrace their inner child. The aim is to bring a touch of youthful charm and excitement to nail art, appealing to both fun-loving adults and spirited teenagers.

The beauty of nail wrap designs for the young at heart lies in their ability to express one's vibrant personality and add a pop of creativity to everyday style. These wraps are perfect for those who refuse to let go of their playful spirit, embracing the joy of life with every stroke of their nails. 

So, embrace the joy, unleash your creativity, and let your nails become a canvas of youthful charm and imagination with nail wrap designs for the young at heart!

Rainbow Themed: Enchanted Adventure

Step into a realm where colors come alive and rainbows stretch across the sky. Our rainbow-themed nail wraps are designed to transport you to a whimsical journey of vibrant hues and mystical wonders. With these enchanting nail wraps, your fingertips will become a canvas for kaleidoscopic dreams, and every gesture will be infused with the spirit of wonder and delight!

Rainbow Ombre

Rainbow City Lights (Glitter)

Midnight Magic and Midnight Magic (Pink)

Watercolor Themed: Where Art Meets Elegance

Image by Freepik

Inspired by the fluidity and charm of watercolor paintings, our watercolor designs will transform your nails into miniature masterpieces. Embrace the delicate blend of soft pastels and graceful brushstrokes that effortlessly capture the essence of watercolor art. 

Fever Dream

Saturday Night Fever

Aqua Arrangements

Space and Galaxy-Themed: Welcome to the Stellar Nail Universe

Get ready to explore the vast expanse of the cosmos right at your fingertips. From galaxies swirling in celestial hues to shining constellations and cosmic wonders, this collection captures the enchanting beauty of the universe. Prepare to defy gravity and launch your nails into a cosmic voyage of style and wonder. 

It’s Just a Phase


Celestial Being and Wish Upon A Star


We Share The Stars and The Story of the Stars


Graffiti Themed: Where Creativity Meets Expression

Image by Racool_studio on Freepik

Discover the vibrant and urban allure of our Graffiti Themed wraps! Our collection embraces the edgy and colorful spirit of graffiti, featuring bold splashes of paint, intricate tags, and artistic doodles that add an urban flair to your style. With our Graffiti-Themed wraps, you can transform your nails into a statement of creativity and rebellion, embracing the beauty of art that defies convention. 

Graffiti Barbie and Neon Nights

 In conclusion, safety remains paramount when it comes to nail wrap usage, and we cannot stress this enough. As we indulge in the enchanting world of nail wraps, it is crucial to follow the recommended application and removal procedures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. 

We encourage parents and adults alike to embrace the fun and creativity of nail wraps as a fantastic activity for self-expression and bonding moments. Let's celebrate the joy of nail art that knows no age limit and brings a smile to our faces every time we look down at our perfectly adorned nails. 

So, let your imagination run wild, explore the vast array of designs, and let your nails become a reflection of your unique spirit. Happy nail wrapping to all, and remember, safety first and creative expression forever! 🌈

Rebecca Fox
Rebecca Fox


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