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Gobble โ€™n Glam: Turkey and Pumpkin Nail Wraps for a Festive Thanksgiving Look

by Rebecca Fox August 14, 2023

Gobble โ€™n Glam: Turkey and Pumpkin Nail Wraps for a Festive Thanksgiving Look

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As the air turns crisper and the leaves transform into a symphony of warm hues, it's that time of year when we gather around tables adorned with delicious feasts and heartfelt conversations. ๐Ÿฆƒ๐Ÿ Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday; it's a celebration of gratitude and togetherness. And what better way to express your festive spirit than through your nails?

Introducing our Thanksgiving Nail Wraps Collection โ€“ a canvas of creativity where autumnal vibes meet stunning nail art. ๐Ÿ‚โœจ Whether you're hosting a family gathering, participating in a Friendsgiving feast, or simply relishing in the seasonal beauty, our nail wraps are designed to complement the rich tapestry of fall colors and the sentiment of thankfulness.

Join us in exploring a captivating array of designs, from intricately detailed turkeys and harvest motifs to elegant arrangements of fall foliage. ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿฆƒ Each nail wrap tells a story of the season, allowing you to wear your gratitude proudly on your fingertips.

So, as you prepare to indulge in pumpkin pies and heartfelt conversations, let your nails steal the spotlight with our Thanksgiving Nail Wraps Collection. ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒพ It's time to adorn your nails with the essence of autumn and embrace the beauty of thankfulness in style. Get ready to elevate your nail game and share the warmth of the season, one wrap at a time. ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿฆƒ

What is Thanksgiving?ย 

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Thanksgiving is a national holiday widely observed in the United States and Canada, carrying historical and cultural significance in both nations, although variations exist in its observance and underlying reasons. In the U.S., Thanksgiving is marked on the fourth Thursday of November, commemorating a feast believed to have taken place between Pilgrims and Native Americans in Plymouth, Massachusetts, around 1621. This event symbolizes cooperation and thankfulness between European settlers and Native Americans.

Over time, Thanksgiving has evolved and is now commonly associated with a grand banquet featuring elements like roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and an assortment of dishes. Families and friends come together to partake in the meal and express gratitude for the past year's blessings. In Canada, Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday of October and bears a resemblance to its theme of gratitude, often tied to the harvest season. The Canadian version of Thanksgiving has roots in English and French customs and encompasses gatherings, feasting, and acknowledgments of appreciation.

Though the historical origins of Thanksgiving vary between the two countries, the contemporary observance predominantly centers around expressing gratitude, spending quality time with cherished ones, and relishing a festive repast. It serves as an occasion for introspection on life's positives and the chance to value the companionship of family and friends.

Top 3 Thanksgiving Symbols

In every celebration and holiday, thereโ€™s always a unique symbol, color, or theme involved. And your Lily and Fox family is here to help you flex those beautiful nails without hurting your pockets. This time of the year, we celebrate Thanksgiving, and these 3 traditional symbols are available for you to celebrate.

A huge serving of Turkey for Thanksgiving.

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1. Turkey: Turkey's strong association with Thanksgiving is due to its role as a traditional focal point in the Thanksgiving meal within the United States. This connection between turkey and Thanksgiving is deeply rooted in history and culture.

The origins of this connection can be traced back to the early years of the United States, specifically the colonial era of the early 17th century. The Pilgrims, a group of English separatists in pursuit of religious freedom, are credited with the inaugural Thanksgiving celebration in 1621, marking a successful harvest. During this event, they shared a feast with the Wampanoag Native Americans, who had assisted them in acquiring vital agricultural knowledge.

Although the specific foods featured at this feast lack comprehensive documentation, it is established that the region consumed wild game, including turkey, during that period. Since turkeys were indigenous to North America, the Pilgrims could have hunted them. It is feasible that turkey was integrated into the first Thanksgiving meal, even if not as the central dish.

A beautiful cornucopia symbolizing abundance and blessings.
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2. Cornucopias (Horn of Plenty): The cornucopia is a horn-shaped basket filled with an assortment of fruits, vegetables, and other harvest produce. Cornucopias are closely related to Thanksgiving due to their symbolic representation of abundance, prosperity, gratitude, and the harvest season. These horn-shaped baskets or containers have become a common element of Thanksgiving decorations and celebrations.

Cornucopias have historical roots in ancient Greek and Roman mythology, where they were associated with harvest deities and symbolized the overflowing bounty of the Earth. The term "cornucopia" itself is derived from Latin words meaning "horn of plenty," emphasizing the idea of plenty and abundance.

In the context of Thanksgiving, the cornucopia serves as a visual reminder of the blessings of the harvest and the importance of giving thanks. It embodies the spirit of gratitude for the food, resources, and abundance provided by the earth. Many Thanksgiving decorations feature cornucopias filled with an assortment of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other harvest-related items, such as pumpkins, gourds, apples, and grains.

Pumpkin, pumpkin pie and pumpkin soupโ€ฆThanksgiving staples.

Image from Freepik

3. Pumpkin: Pumpkins are a symbol of autumn and play a significant role in Thanksgiving traditions. They are used to make pumpkin pies, soups, and other dishes, and they are also carved into jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween.

Central to Thanksgiving is the act of sharing a hearty feast with loved ones. Pumpkins, transformed into delectable pies, soups, and other dishes, symbolize the nourishment these gatherings provide โ€“ both for the body and the soul. Moreover, they reflect the spirit of unity and togetherness, underscoring the importance of communal bonds and the joy of coming together around a table laden with delicious food.

The pumpkin's presence in Thanksgiving decor serves as a gentle prompt for reflection and gratitude. As we carve intricate designs into jack-o'-lanterns or incorporate them into our decorations, we're reminded of the passage of time and the changing of seasons. The pumpkin's lifecycle โ€“ from seed to fruit โ€“ mirrors the cyclical nature of life, inspiring us to pause and appreciate the moments we share with family and friends.

How is it celebrated indoors?ย 

Thanksgiving can be commemorated in a snug indoor setting, typically within households or enclosed spaces. Here are several customary ways in which individuals observe Thanksgiving indoors:

1. Festive Adornments: People frequently embellish their residences with autumn-inspired decorations like wreaths, pumpkins, fall leaves, and other seasonal ornaments. This contributes to an atmosphere of festivity that establishes the mood for the celebration.

Image from Freepik

2. Family Reunions: Thanksgiving serves as an occasion for families to unite. Relatives come together indoors to partake in the holiday, engage in discussions, and fortify familial bonds. It provides an opportunity to reconnect with kin and savor each other's companionship.

3. Cultural Creations and Baking: Numerous households engage in the preparation and baking of traditional Thanksgiving dishes. The scent of roasting turkey, stuffing, pies, and other delectables fills the household, enhancing the holiday ambiance. Cooking as a collective activity can also be an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor for family members.

4. Feasting: The core of Thanksgiving festivities is a substantial feast. Families convene to relish an elaborate meal, often encompassing turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, vegetables, and assorted desserts.

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5. Expressions of Appreciation: A pivotal element of Thanksgiving is the expression of gratitude. Family members may take turns articulating their sources of thankfulness, reflecting upon the blessings of the past year, and valuing life's positives.

6. Amusement: Indoor celebrations may feature diverse forms of entertainment, including viewing Thanksgiving-themed films or engaging in games that foster laughter and bonding among family members.

7. Table Arrangements: Special consideration is given to table settings. People may employ elegant tablecloths, festive dishes, and decorative centerpieces to establish an inviting and visually appealing dining environment.

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8. Virtual Observances: In circumstances where physical gatherings are unfeasible, individuals may opt for virtual Thanksgiving observances. Video calls and virtual get-togethers enable families and friends to connect and celebrate collectively, even when separated by distance.

9. Volunteering and Generosity: Some families utilize the indoor setting as a foundation for giving back. They might prepare meals for the less fortunate, coordinate food donation efforts, or engage in charitable endeavors to spread kindness during the holiday.

Doing charity work for Thanksgiving.

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10. Contemplation and Serenity: Thanksgiving also provides an opportunity for repose and introspection. Many individuals utilize the indoor setting to take respite from their bustling lives, unwind, and rejuvenate.

In essence, celebrating Thanksgiving indoors entails a fusion of gastronomy, decorations, quality time spent with cherished ones, and a focus on gratitude, culminating in a heartwarming and unforgettable holiday experience.

How is it celebrated outdoors?ย 

Observing Thanksgiving in an open-air environment can be a delightful and enduring occasion. Presented below are some recommendations to aid you in orchestrating and savoring an alfresco Thanksgiving gathering:

1. Opting for the Perfect Venue: Pick a suitable outdoor location for your festivity, such as a park, your own yard, the seashore, a camping site, or even a natural reserve. Confirm that the selected spot provides necessary facilities like bathrooms, seating, and potential refuge if needed.

Image from Freepik

2. Acknowledging Weather Elements: Ahead of the occasion, examine the weather forecast and make suitable preparations. Have an alternate plan prepared for unfavorable weather circumstances. You might contemplate leasing a tent or setting up a canopy to guard against rain or strong sunlight.

3. Issuing Invitations and Preparation: Send out invitations well in advance, notifying guests about the outdoor environment. Urge them to dress suitably for the climate and bring items like wraps or coats if necessary.

4. Ensuring Cozy Seating: Provide comfortable seating choices for your participants, such as picnic throws, collapsible chairs, or cushions. You can design appealing seating areas by organizing bundles of hay, cushions, and throws.

Outdoor Thanksgiving celebration setup.

Image from Freepik

5. Embracing Nature-inspired Decor: highlights the inherent charm of the open air. Integrate autumn-themed adornments like pumpkins, squashes, leaves, and seasonal flowers. Reflect on utilizing decorations that are environmentally degradable or eco-friendly to diminish the ecological impact.

A lovely Thanksgiving-themed decor with pumpkins and wine.
Image from Freepik

6. Strategizing Food Preparation and Culinary Endeavors: Formulate your menu, taking into account dishes that are easily manageable for outdoor cooking and serving. You can choose from traditional Thanksgiving cuisine or explore a more rugged, outdoor-suited gastronomic selection. Grilling, campfire roasting, or utilizing portable stoves all present excellent choices. If you intend to prepare a turkey, consider employing a movable grill or smoker.

7. Providing Refreshments and Drinks: Ensure your guests remain hydrated and content with a diverse array of beverages. Ponder serving warm apple cider, spiced wine, or even establishing a station for hot chocolate to infuse a sense of warmth and comfort into the festivities.

Mulled wine to get you in the holiday spirit.
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8. Coordinating Amusement: Arrange activities that make the most of the open-air setting. Devise games like flag football, sack races, or nature-oriented scavenger hunts. Moreover, you could orchestrate a bonfire for storytelling, group singing, or toasting marshmallows.

9. Creating the Atmosphere through Music and Setting: Foster a celebratory ambiance using music that complements the outdoor surroundings. Consider the use of acoustic instruments, a portable speaker, or even integrating live music if you have guests with musical talents.

Image from Freepik

10. Upholding Thanksgiving Customs: Don't forget to honor the heart of the occasion. Dedicate a space for expressing gratitude or motivate everyone to share their sources of thankfulness. This practice contributes to preserving the fundamental spirit of Thanksgiving.

11. Thoughtful Management of Waste: Stay mindful of waste disposal practices. Choose reusable or biodegradable plates, cups, and utensils to lessen environmental impact. Clearly mark recycling and compost bins for the convenience of your guests.

12. Prioritize safety as a central focus of the event: Exercise caution, particularly when handling elements like fire, such as grills or bonfires. Keep a readily accessible first aid kit and make sure all attendees are familiar with the emergency contact information.

Keep in mind that the secret to a prosperous Thanksgiving gathering outdoors is to fully embrace the unique surroundings and create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere for your attendees. Prepare in advance, stay flexible, and enjoy the inherent beauty while sharing gratitude with your loved ones.

Celebrate with L&F Wraps:


Gif from GIPHY

What is Thanksgiving without a turkey? Referred to as the "mascot of Thanksgiving,โ€ we're used to seeing this lovely bird gracing parade floats and being at the heart of every Thanksgiving spread. It does make a perfect celebratory centerpiece! As you spend time with family and loved ones during the festivities, don't let your beautiful nails go unnoticed. Proudly wear these charming turkey-themed nail wraps as we celebrate and show our gratitude this holiday season.

Gobble, Gobble (Transparent)ย 

If you want to spice up your manis this Thanksgiving, then maybe you should try Gobble, Gobble! This well-loved transparent set has hints of glitter and features the beautiful colors of the fall season. Of course, adorable turkey prints adorn this set as well!ย  What's great about it is that it encourages you to be creative by allowing you to layer it on top of any colored polish or wraps. You'll definitely have a great time glamming up your nails for Thanksgiving!ย 

Photo credit: Alice O.

Pour Some Gravy on Meย 

Are you looking forward to showing off your fashionista side for the Thanksgiving festivities? Then let this gorgeous set help you. Pour Some Gravy on Me will undoubtedly up your manicure game! This glossy set showcases the season's most well-known emblems, including turkeys, pumpkins, and fall foliage. Make your nails stand out with some solid yellow and orange strips. Youโ€™ll definitely leave others impressed with your style.ย 

Photo credit: adapilatowski

Whats On The Menu?ย 

If you like your nails sparkly with a dash of glitter, then I suggest you try Whats On The Menu? This pretty glossy set would go perfectly well with your outfit for your Thanksgiving gatherings. Your loved ones will surely adore them!ย  This stunning mani, printed with some cute turkeys donning Capotain hats and classy autumn leaves, will undoubtedly get you in the Thanksgiving spirit.

Wild Turkey

If you want your Thanksgiving nails to be more on the simple and sophisticated side, why not give Wild Turkey a try? This matte set comes mainly with solid red/burnt orange strips. The printed turkey accent instantly transports you to a Thanksgiving festivity! You will surely set the trend and draw the attention.


What's Up Butternut

Be unique this Thanksgiving! If you want to steer clear of the classic fall and Thanksgiving hues of browns, reds, and oranges, What's Up Butternut is for you! This glossy set comes with solid strips of bright pink, turquoise, and orange and is beautifully embellished by an assortment of colorful gourds. Thanks to your festive nails, you'll undoubtedly turn heads!ย 

No Foul Play

Do you feel like flaunting a ton of Thanksgiving emblems on your tips? Then you should try No Foul Play! This nude set with a glossy finish is adorned by the enchanting colors of fall foliage, some cute acorns, a hint of pumpkin, and the traditional turkey for your accent strip. Your nails will undoubtedly be the topic of conversation among your family members while you celebrate Thanksgiving.

Photo credit: Jenna Marie

Turkey Glam is getting everyoneโ€™s attention with its fresh look. This happy chef turkey is a combination of glossy and glitter finish. This cute design will never get out of style on every occasion, whether youโ€™ll be celebrating Thanksgiving indoors or outdoors.ย 

As you prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities, take a moment to appreciate the humble pumpkin and the deep symbolism it holds. In addition to the delectable feasts and warmhearted reunions, this is a chance to embrace the holiday mood with distinctive and imaginative decorations. Following the spectacular display of Thanksgiving nail art, here is another gratifying variation for your nails: pumpkin pattern nail wraps! Prepare to add a touch of the representation of harvest abundance to its embodiment of unity and gratitude, the pumpkin deserves a spot on your nails!

Photo Credit: Felicia L. Pumpkin Spice & Everything Niceย 

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice is a combination of Glossy and Glitter finish. Surely thereโ€™s no dull moment with this set of 4 different designs that will make the celebration more fun.ย ย 

Gourdeous Ginghamย 

In the ever-evolving world of nail wrap, trends come and go, but some styles remain timeless and captivating. One such trend that has taken the beauty world by storm is the enchanting allure of matte nail wraps. Bringing a touch of sophistication and understated glamour, this matte finish set, Gourdeous Gingham, which consists of 2 solid colors, pumpkins, and plaid designs, will take the celebration to another level.

Wanna spice up your night? I Like Your Spice! is the one for you. This is a combination of a Glossy, and Pearlescent finish. The vibrant hues of yellow and orange bring the warmth of the season right to your fingertips.

I Like Your Spice!

Let's Give Em Pumpkin to Talk About is one of the crowd-favorite sets, which is also available in pedicure sets. The set is a combination of Glossy and Glitter finish. Celebrate Thanksgiving and the beauty of fall with these wraps that perfectly depict the atmosphere of golden sunsets and pumpkin patches.ย 

Let's Give Em Pumpkin to Talk About

The next design offers a delightful way to adorn your nails. Pumpkin Season will showcase a story of pumpkin beauty. This vibrant and flawless wrap will remain glossy and flawless as you partake in family feasts and heartwarming moments.

Pumpkin Season

Let your nails become a stunning reflection of the season's warmth and beauty with our exquisite set, There's Pumpkin About You. Captivate the spirit of gratitude and celebration with nails adorned in meticulously crafted pumpkins which are a perfect style for your festive gatherings.

There's Pumpkin About You

Forest Treats design will make this Thanksgiving truly special by embracing the season's charm down to your fingertips. Express your gratitude and delight with this Pearlescent finish set while celebrating the gorgeous fall on your nails.

Forest Treats

Thank you for embarking on this journey of holiday style and creativity with us. As we approach Thanksgiving, we've explored the art of expressing gratitude through exquisite nail wraps.

From intricate autumn designs to playful turkey patterns, we've unveiled a world of possibilities to adorn your nails. Our aim was to inspire you to infuse your personal style into the festive season, celebrating not only with your loved ones but also through your unique nail art.

As you gather around tables laden with delicious food and warm conversations, consider making your nails a part of the celebration. Let them convey the essence of thankfulness and festive joy, reflecting the beauty of the season.

We invite you to explore our Thanksgiving Nail Wraps suggestion, each design crafted to add an extra touch of elegance and flair to your ensemble. From prepping meals to enjoying quality time, your nails can become a delightful expression of the holiday spirit.

As our blog concludes, we wish you a Thanksgiving filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. May your nails shine as a testament to the gratitude in your heart and the creativity in your soul.

Stay stylish and keep celebrating life's little moments, one nail wrap at a time!

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Rebecca Fox
Rebecca Fox


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