And All That Nail Wraps! Inspired by the Musicals (Part 1)

by Rebecca Fox May 31, 2024

And All That Nail Wraps! Inspired by the Musicals (Part 1)

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“We’re all in this together…”, “Mamma Mia, here we go again…”, “Never enough, never, never…”, “I got my ticket for the long way round…”, “And all, that, jazzzzzz…”There's something about musicals that just makes your heart sing. They capture the essence of love in a way that regular movies simply can't. The emotions are so powerful that they can't be contained in just words alone--they have to be delivered in song. And sometimes, love is so strong that you just have to dance. 

Music and movies have been a part of our daily lives, whether it’s to hang out with our friends or family or unwind and sing our hearts out at carpool karaoke.  It also helps us express our emotions or lighten our mood after a long, fulfilling day.  That said, we’d love to get your nails inspired by some of our favorite musicals! 

From The Greatest Showman, which features catchy musical numbers and daring acrobatic feats, to Chicago, when we want to feel old Hollywood vibes or whether it’s unleashing your inner pop artist and imagination through the flashy, magical characters in Sing and Frozen, or you have a bunch of friends let’s hop on a musical journey with the nail wraps that will make you feel all that jazz!

The World of Musicals

Musicals are absolutely fantastic! I always get excited when I have the chance to see one - they're full of energy and excitement, with catchy tunes and amazing dance numbers. The stories are fast-paced, captivating and dramatic, and the music is simply unforgettable. 

Wondering where musicals originated? According to Fact Monster, the combination of comic stories and music hall songs originated in England in the late 19th century, and boy was that just the beginning. With the development of musicals in the Broadway theater district of New York City in the early 20th century, we can only imagine what highly entertaining music and dance shows will look like in the years to come.

Did you know that The Jazz Singer, which premiered in 1927, was the first movie musical according to the Sundance Film Festival? It's incredible to think that this groundbreaking film was the first to feature synchronized sound and lip-synched songs, giving audiences a whole new level of entertainment. For the first time, viewers could hear actual songs on film, which was truly revolutionary.

Back in the day, Busby Berkeley was educating us on the strange world of showgirls with long legs. Ten years later, Ginger Rogers was creating a stir with Fred Astaire, dancing in reverse and wearing high heels. The movie musical was not just a fad, it was an absolute must-see spectacle. 

It's pretty cool how so many Broadway shows have made their way to the big screen over the years! Some of them have become absolute classics, like The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, and Fiddler on the Roof. And there have been some more modern adaptations too, like Chicago, Rent, and In the Heights. But as we all know, not every movie version is a hit, like that 2019 version of Cats - maybe it will make a grand comeback and regain its spotlight once more.

Whether on stage or screen, it's amazing to see the amount of talent and dedication that goes into these productions, both on stage and behind the scenes. And when a musical really hits the spot, it can keep audiences coming back for more for years to come. 

There really is nothing quite like a great musical, and what better way to show our support than by flashing some gorgeous nail wraps that will make you want to sing and dance? Keep calm and aca-believe it! We have some extraordinary designs that are inspired by our beloved musicals. We are eager to share them with you, and without further ado, we will be presenting them shortly for your enjoyment. Prepare to be amazed! 

Broadway Glam: Elevate Your Nails to Center Stage🎭

Experience the enchanting world of Broadway with our stunning nail wraps, inspired by beloved shows like La La Land, Wicked, Les Misérables, Mamma Mia, and The Greatest Showman. Let your nails shine like stars and #stealtheshow 🤵‍♀️🎇

Mamma Mia

Canva Stock

Starting off with Mamma Mia, the success of this musical is absolutely amazing! Over 30 million people have been enchanted by this musical since it premiered in London in 1999. Imagine the excitement of being in the audience and experiencing the journey of a mother and daughter as they prepare for a wedding with three potential fathers in attendance. 

Canva Stock

This show is truly a must-see, and a few years later, the Broadway smash hit now has two movies you can go back and sing and dance along to thanks to Academy Award®-winner Meryl Streep leading an all-star cast, including Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth—as well as up-and-comers Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper, in this musical celebration of mothers, daughters and fathers, and true loves lost and new ones found.

Donna Sheridan: The Free-Spirited Adventurer

Canva Stock

Donna Sheridan, portrayed by Meryl Streep in the original film and Lily James in flashbacks, is the heart and soul of the story. She's a free-spirited adventurer who radiates warmth and positivity. Donna's character embodies the carefree spirit of summer, and her style is a mix of bohemian chic with a touch of vintage flair.

Get The Look: A Whole Blue World and Azul

Sophie Sheridan: The Determined Bride-to-Be

Canva Stock

Sophie Sheridan, played by Amanda Seyfried, is Donna's daughter and the bride-to-be at the center of the story. She's determined, optimistic, and deeply devoted to her family. Sophie's character is a perfect blend of modern sophistication and island charm. Her style reflects her love for tradition and her youthful energy.

Get The Look: Lost in the Waves, I’m Melting, and Eye of The Storm 

Get The Look: Autumn Blues, Blue Lagoon, and Blue Diamondback

May our ocean blue, wavy, and glitter nail wraps invite you to the magical Greek island of Kalokairi, singing and dancing all over again to the songs of ABBA you know and love! These nail wraps will infuse your nails with the warmth, positivity, and vibrant energy of the film. Let your nails become a part of the #greekislandadventure, and showcase your own unique style with a touch of Mediterranean magic! 💅🌞🏖️✨

Mamma Mia cast dancing by, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again on Canva Stock

The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman theatrical poster on Canva Stock

This is the greatest show - indeed it is! Featuring the incredible talents of Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Zendaya, this sensational musical is a heartfelt tribute to the very essence of show business and the sheer joy we feel when our dreams become a reality. 

P.T. Barnum: The Visionary Showman with Boundless Imagination

Hugh Jackman Dance on Canva Stock

Drawing inspiration from the remarkable life and aspirations of America's very first pop-culture icon, P.T. Barnum (played brilliantly by Hugh Jackman), this awe-inspiring movie tells the inspiring tale of a daring visionary who began with nothing and showed the world that any dream can be accomplished and that every single person, no matter how small, possesses an extraordinary tale that deserves to be told in a truly magnificent fashion.

Anne Wheeler: The Daring Acrobat with a Heart of Gold

Anne Wheeler on Canva Stock

Anne Wheeler, portrayed by Zendaya, is a breathtakingly talented trapeze artist who captivates audiences with her daring performances. She embodies grace, strength, and a spirit of adventure. Anne's character is known for her fearless acrobatics and her unwavering loyalty to those she loves. Her style reflects a blend of circus-inspired glamor and youthful energy.

Phillip Carlyle: The Charming Entrepreneur with a Passion for Change

Phillip Carlyle, played by Zac Efron, is a wealthy young entrepreneur who becomes captivated by the world of the circus. He is charming, intelligent, and passionate about breaking societal norms. Phillip's character evolves as he discovers the magic of the circus and the importance of following his heart. His style is a fusion of high-society fashion and the vibrant colors of the circus.

Canva stock

You'll be blown away by the dynamic and one-of-a-kind musical featuring an exceptional cast. Prepare to be amazed by the unforgettable showstopping performances that will have you jumping out of your seat with excitement! We are confident that some of these designs will give your nails the spotlight they deserve!

 Get The Look: Glam Side of Life, Candy Dreams, Berry Gold, and Barbie Glitz

Rewrite The Stars

Canva Stock

Who hasn’t seen the duet between Zendaya and Zac Efron in The Greatest Showman? It's amazing! The way they perform the song "Rewrite the Stars" while on a flying trapeze is truly breathtaking and quite literally defies gravity! 

The scene perfectly captures their turmoil as they try to navigate and grapple with their feelings for each other in a society that doesn't always accept differences. It's definitely a showstopper and one of my favorite musical numbers from the film. Hence, the inspiration behind these starry nail designs!

Get The Look: Glitter In The Dark, Galaxia (holo) and Simply Stellar

With Lily and Fox's "The Greatest Showman" inspired nail wraps, you can carry the magic of the circus, the elegance of opera, and the spirit of adventure with you wherever you go. These nail wraps will steal the spotlight, just like the unforgettable characters did under the big top. Let your nails become a part of #thegreatestshow on Earth, and showcase your own extraordinary style! 💅🎪🎶✨

La La Land

Canva Stock

The characters in musicals have a unique perspective on love, and they express it in a way that's truly artful. They sing, they dance, and they transcend the mundane to become something greater--something more beautiful, more pure, and closer to true romance.

La La Land is such a beautiful film about love and dreams, and how the two impact each other. The chemistry between Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) is palpable, and their passion for their respective crafts is truly inspiring.  Los Angeles is filled with dreamers, and sometimes it takes a partner to make your dream come true.

Canva Stock

The way they support each other and push each other to achieve their goals is a testament to the strength of their relationship. And of course, the music and dancing are simply breathtaking. It's a film that truly captures the magic of falling in love and pursuing your dreams.

Damien Chazelle totally knows how to make musicals feel like pure magic on the big screen as it is devoted to movement and music, not just lyrics. Similarly, with the same devotion and love we put into making our wraps, we hope these La La Land nail designs can make you want to chase your dreams and fall in love all over again!

Mia Dolan: The Aspiring Starlet with Classic Elegance

Canva Stock

Mia, portrayed by Emma Stone, is an aspiring actress with dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry. Her character exudes a sense of classic elegance with a modern twist. Mia is determined, passionate, and a true romantic at heart. Her style is a combination of vintage Hollywood glamour and a touch of contemporary chic.

Get The Look: Fuchsia Fade and From Another Galaxy

Sebastian Wilder: The Jazz Pianist with Timeless Charm

Canva Stock

Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling, is a jazz pianist who is equally passionate about his music and preserving the traditional jazz culture. His character is portrayed as a purist with a heart of gold. He's witty, determined, and has an undeniable charm that captivates audiences. Sebastian's style reflects the timeless sophistication of jazz musicians.

Now, imagine capturing the essence of "La La Land" in a set of nail wraps by Lily and Fox. These nail wraps would embody the elegance of Mia and the charm of Sebastian, bringing the magic of the movie right to your fingertips.

Get The Look: Illusionary , You Are My Sunshine, and Emerald Gold

Get The Look: Candy Land and These Tips Don’t Lie (Transparent)

With Lily and Fox's "La La Land" inspired nail wraps, you can channel the timeless Hollywood allure and jazz-infused romance of the film effortlessly. Let your nails tell a story of dreams, love, and the magic of music, just like Mia and Sebastian did in the City of Angels. It's time to embrace the charm of "La La Land" and let it shine on your fingertips! 💅🎶✨

Les Misérables

Canva Stock 

Step into a world of passion, revolution, and heart-wrenching stories. This timeless masterpiece will transport you to 19th-century France, where love, sacrifice, and redemption collide in a spectacular musical journey. 🇫🇷❤️

The film is an inspiring tale set in France during the early nineteenth century. It follows the journey of Jean Valjean, a man who has been relentlessly pursued by the unyielding policeman Javert for decades after breaking parole. Despite his troubles, Valjean finds solace in caring for a factory worker's daughter. 

Against the backdrop of the June Rebellion of 1832, the story comes to a satisfying resolution. It is a powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit, and the importance of compassion and kindness in a world that can sometimes be harsh and unforgiving.

As the years passed, Jean Valjean transformed into Monsieur Madeleine, taking on the roles of both mayor and factory owner in the town. Meanwhile, Fantine, a hardworking employee at his factory, worked tirelessly to support her young daughter, Cosette, who was under the care of a less-than-honorable innkeeper (played by Sasha Baron Cohen) and his partner (played by Helena Bonham Carter).

One unfortunate day, a dispute with her fellow factory workers led to Fantine losing her job. This sudden setback plunged her into a world of hardship, pushing her to sell her hair and resort to unconventional means of making a living. But let this be a reminder that even in the darkest of moments, the human spirit can find the strength and resilience to rise above adversity and conquer life's challenges.

May these designs below keep us inspired and make our day a little brighter despite the challenges we face.

Get The Look: In A Mood (Transparent), Star Struck, and Wrapped Up in Blue

Get the look: Too Blue To Be True, Blueberrylicious, Part Rose, Part Thorn, A Drop Of Gold, and A Siren's Story

Get The Look: Night Garden and Midnight Picking

Carry the spirit of revolution and redemption with you wherever you go! Embrace your unique style and passion for Les Misérables with our striking nail wraps. Flaunt the essence of your beloved character on-the-go! 💅🇫🇷🎵🔗


Wicked promotional poster on Canva Stock

Prepare to be spellbound by the enchanting world of Oz, where friendship defies gravity and the untold story behind the witches of Oz comes to life! 🌟💚💖 An alternate perspective on Oz portrays the "Wicked Witch" as a freedom fighter battling against the wizard for her homeland.

We got the most incredible news back in November 2021 when Ariana Grande, the powerhouse of pop, is set to take the stage as the fabulous Glinda, and the Tony Award-winning Cynthia Erivo, the definition of talent, is going to rock the role of Elphaba. 

Glinda, the Good Witch of the North: The Popular and Light-Hearted

Glinda, also known as Galinda, is portrayed as the beautiful and popular Good Witch of the North. She embodies charm, grace, and a penchant for the finer things in life. Glinda's character is vivacious, kind-hearted, and slightly naive, adding a delightful innocence to the story. Her style is lavish, adorned with shimmering gowns and sparkling accessories.

Get The Look: One Night A Year, Studio 54, and Goldilocks

Get The Look: Eternal Flame, Dark Magic and Celestial

Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West: The Misunderstood Rebel

Elphaba, portrayed with depth and emotion, is the character who becomes the Wicked Witch of the West. She's often misunderstood due to her emerald-green skin. Elphaba is intelligent, compassionate, and determined to stand up for what she believes in. Her personality is a mix of defiance and vulnerability, making her a complex and relatable character. Her style, much like her character, can be described as unconventional yet striking.

Get ready for this two-part release on November 2024 (Part 1) and November 2025 (Part 2). I know the movie might be a long while, but the journey of getting there and looking dazzling in these wraps is fun!

Get The Look: Here Comes the Sun and Hidden Agenda

But that's not all, folks! Bowen Yang is bringing his comedic genius to the role of Pfannee. And guess what? Jeff Goldblum himself is going to be The Wizard of Oz! Ethan Slater will shine as Boq, and the fantastic Keala Settle is going to own the stage as Miss Coddle. This cast is pure magic, and I can't wait to see them light up the stage! It's going to be a show for the ages! 🌟🎭✨

Take the enchanting spirit of Oz along with you on all your adventures! Whether you identify with the complexity of Elphaba or the charm of Glinda, these delightful nail wraps will allow you to express your individual style with a touch of magic. Embrace the captivating world of #wicked and release the enchantment within you through your lovely nails! 💅✨🌪️🌈 

Jazz Musicals: The Rhythm of Jazz Musicals on Your Fingertips!

Unleash your #innershowstopper with our fabulous nail wraps, inspired by the captivating rhythms of Burlesque, the timeless elegance of Chicago, the magical melodies of Dream Girls, and the alluring beauty of the Moulin Rouge. Get ready to jazz it up and step into the spotlight! 🎺💃 

Moulin Rouge

Canva Stock

As the crimson curtains rise and the intoxicating notes of "Nature Boy" fill the air, we are transported to the bohemian underworld of 19th-century Paris. At the heart of this captivating tale is Christian, a penniless writer, and Satine, the bewitching star of the Moulin Rouge. Their love story is a rollercoaster of passion and sacrifice, set against a backdrop of extravagant dance numbers, breathtaking costumes, and an eclectic soundtrack that seamlessly weaves together classics and contemporary hits. Moulin Rouge is more than a musical; it's a glittering spectacle that immerses the audience in the hedonistic, artistic, and heart wrenching world of the Moulin Rouge, reminding us all that love is a force that defies convention and lights up the darkest corners of our souls.

Our designs inspired by this musical feature intricate details that mirror the dazzling costumes worn by the show's iconic characters, Satine and Christian. Rich, deep shades of red and dazzling gold hues, reminiscent of the lavish décor found within the Moulin Rouge. Wraps adorned with feather motifs, rhinestones, or lace patterns conjure the allure and sophistication that mirror the cabaret's mesmerizing performances. These designs encapsulate the very essence of the Moulin Rouge's Bohemian spirit, expressing the same captivating charm and sensuality found within the cabaret's enchanting world.

Get The Look: Lava-licious, Give Us A Show, Blood Lust, and Gingham Red

Satine: The Glamorous Star of the Moulin Rouge

Satine, played by Nicole Kidman, is the glamorous and enigmatic star of the Moulin Rouge cabaret. She's a dazzling courtesan who captures the hearts of audiences and Christian alike. Satine's character exudes charm, sensuality, and a sense of vulnerability beneath her glittering exterior. Her personality is a blend of elegance and inner turmoil. Her style is opulent and adorned with show-stopping gowns and sparkling jewels.

Get The Look: Glass Slipper, Crystal Glitter, Glitter Girl (transparent), and Dipped In Diamonds

Christian: The Hopeful Poet with a Romantic Soul 

Ewan McGregor portrays Christian as the wide-eyed poet who arrives in Paris with dreams of artistic success and falls in love with the enchanting Satine. His character is marked by his idealism, passion for words, and an unwavering belief in the power of love. Christian's personality is a mix of creativity and romanticism. His style reflects the artistic flair of the Bohemian lifestyle.

Get The Look: Burlesque, Cherry Kisses, Lipstick Pink (Glitter), and Scarlet Sparkle

Get The Look: Falling For A Shooting Star, I Saw You In A Dream, Twinkle Toes, and Berry Glam

Get ready to add a touch of Parisian bohemian to your style with Lily and Fox's "Moulin Rouge!" inspired nail wraps! Whether you're a fan of Christian's poetic soul, Satine's glamour, or the cabaret's passionate world, these nail wraps offer a theatrical elegance that will help you express your unique style. So why not let your nails join in on the grand spectacle with these stunning nail wraps? They're the perfect way to showcase your personal flair! 💅🎩🌹🎶

Customers Center Stage 🎶💅✨

🎶 Get ready to strike a chord of beauty and creativity with Lily and Fox Nail Wraps, where your nails become the stars of the show! 🌟 If you've got a passion for musicals and a flair for fabulous nails, you're in for a treat. Imagine stepping into the spotlight and flaunting your nailfies with a burst of Broadway-inspired brilliance. 🎭✨ Whether you're a die-hard theater lover, love going to the movies to watch the film adaptation, or you just want to add some theatrical flair to your daily life, our musical-themed nail wraps are here to make your nails sing! 🎵💅 

So grab your favorite show tunes playlist, get ready to dance with your fingertips, and let's embark on a nail adventure that's sure to hit all the right notes! 🎉🎶 #NailedItWithLilyAndFox 💃🕺🎭

Abba-solutely Fabulous Nails: Mamma Mia-Inspired Manicures! 💙💅✨

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Courtesy of Amanda H on Facebook

Email us to sign up for a Back-in-stock alert: Daisy Chain Dreaming and Ocean Sparkles 
Courtesy of Dorsi M on Facebook 

Get The Look or Email us to sign up for a Back-in-stock alert: Goddess of the Sea, Mermaid Blue, and Celestial Being
Courtesy of Marilyn C on Facebook 

Show-Stopping Nails: The Greatest Showman Edition! 🎩🌟💅

Email us to sign up for a Back-in-stock alert: Shining Stars
Courtesy of Rosalie M on Facebook 

 Email us to sign up for a Back-in-stock alert: Elephant Garden 
Courtesy of Mai H on Facebook 

Email us to sign up for a Back-in-stock alert: Written in the Stars 
Courtesy of Jaclyn O on Facebook  

La La Land Nail Extravaganza: Dance Through Life in Style! 💃✨💅

Email us to sign up for a Back-in-stock alert: Read My Lips
Courtesy of Jennifer H on Facebook

Get The Look: Golden Sands

Courtesy of Sarah Bell P on Facebook  

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Courtesy of Amy Elizabeth O on Facebook 

Revolutionary Nails: Les Misérables-Inspired Manicures! 🇫🇷📜💅

Email us to sign up for a Back-in-stock alert: Dark Thoughts and Desert Darling
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Email us to sign up for a Back-in-stock alert: Blue Horizon
Courtesy of Katelin M on Facebook

Email us to sign up for a Back-in-stock alert: Fine Like Chocolate 
Courtesy of Kathryn K on Facebook 

Wicked Gorgeous Nails: Unleash Your Inner Witch 🧙‍♀️💚💅

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Wicked Glow Nails from Lyndsey P. on Facebook

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Moulin Rouge-Inspired Nails: Can-Can Your Way to Glamour! 🎶❤️💄

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Courtesy of Sally T on Facebook

"Are you jazzed up yet? 🎷🎶 We're only getting started! 😄 But wait, there's more! As much as we love to tease you with what's coming up, we also can't wait to see you again after a short break. That's right, we'll be taking a brief intermission to recharge and fine-tune our musical wraps for an even more sensational experience.

Stay tuned, because when we're back, it's going to be a musical explosion like no other! 🎵🎤🎸 Get ready to be dazzled by our electrifying performances, enchanting melodies, and unforgettable rhythms. We'll be back before you know it, so mark your calendars and don't miss a beat. Until then, keep the music in your heart, and we'll see you soon for a musical journey you won't want to miss! 🎉🎶🎈 #StayTuned"

Rebecca Fox
Rebecca Fox


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