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Mastering Nail Wraps Care: Tricks for Fresh and Flawless Nails

by Rebecca Fox June 13, 2023


 Blushing Koi

Are you obsessed with nails but lack the time or desire to spend a fortune at the nail salon? We totally understand where you're coming from!

Lily and Fox nail wraps offer a quick and enjoyable way to enhance your nails without the need for extensive time or money. These wraps are incredibly simple to apply and come in a wide range of colors and designs, allowing you to change your look effortlessly. 

With proper application and care, our nail wraps can last up to two weeks and even a month. (Check out our application tips here: How To Apply Lily & Fox Nail Wraps)

To help you maintain and extend the lifespan of your nail wraps while keeping them looking fabulous, here are some handy tips!

Tip 1 - Seal the Deal

To help your nail wraps last longer, seal them with a high-quality top coat. Sealing your nail wraps with a top coat ensures that they have minimal exposure to possible damage. The top coat will not only act as a shield for your nail wraps that will preserve their original color and design but will also leave a beautiful shine and finish. Apply a thin layer of a clear, quick-drying top coat over the entire surface, including the edges, to protect the wraps from moisture, wear, and tear.

Some of our favorite top coats that work best with our nail wraps are: 

  • Essie Platinum Grade Finish
  • Essie Gel Setter
  • Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails
  • Tip 2 - Gentle Treatment

    Take good care of your nails so that your wraps can stay looking great! It's important to avoid harsh chemicals and products that might not be compatible with nail wraps, as they can weaken them and lead to issues like lifting, chipping, peeling, or fading.
    If you're going to be doing anything that involves contact with chemicals or other products, make sure to protect your nail wraps. You can do this by wearing gloves or using waterproof finger guards. This will help keep your wraps safe and secure.

    Tip 3 - Avoid Prolonged Exposure To Water and Heat

    Nail wraps' natural enemies are water and heat. Prolonged exposure to heat makes the wraps weaker and more likely to tear. Water can also dissolve the wraps' adhesives. So, be careful not to let your nail wraps be exposed to water and heat for prolonged periods of time.

    Tip 4 - Regular Maintenance

    Maintaining your nail wraps is crucial for their longevity. Be proactive by regularly inspecting your nails for any signs of lifting or wear. A quick reapplication of top coat can help keep the wraps in pristine condition. Staying vigilant and performing necessary maintenance will keep your nail wraps looking fresh and vibrant for a longer period of time.
    Using nail wraps enables you to have fabulous nails while saving time, money, and effort. To be able to maximize and enjoy your nail wraps to their fullest potential, use these expert tips to maintain and care for your nail wraps. With proper care and regular maintenance, your nail wraps will stay flawless and eye-catching for weeks to come! 💯

    So go ahead, flaunt those stylish designs, and enjoy the compliments that come your way! Be confident in the knowledge that your nail wraps will look as good as new for as long as possible! ✨

    Rebecca Fox
    Rebecca Fox


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